Sustainable Plastics Live/GRIPS 2023 | Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, UK | 10-11 May 2023
Sara Branning

Sara is an Innovation Lead for the Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge. Her work focuses on driving collaboration between the business and academic communities to address resource consumption and management challenges, with a particular focus on plastics. Sara is committed to finding ways of embedding sustainability into decision making and exploring the opportunities that can be realised by taking a circular economy approach. She previously worked as a consultant with experience of managing and delivering research and sustainability programmes to bring about business change within major UK and global companies and NGOs. She is especially interested in exploring opportunities coming from a circular economy approach. In her spare time, Sara is usually found outside walking or on a bike.

Sara leads SSPP’s Enabling Research Programme, which encompasses 10 university-led projects aimed at finding solutions to existing issues with the design and end-of-life management of plastic packaging and unlock barriers to fundamental supply chain change.

She is also responsible for a range of other business and industry projects across the SSPP portfolio as well as SSPP’s input into international plastics initiatives, working closely with the Innovate UK Global Team and WRAP.