Plastics Live 2022 | Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, UK | 5-6 July 2022

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Plastics Live 2022 | Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry, UK | 5-6 July 2022

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Additive Manufacturing in Plastic

AMPLAS will display and help educate some of the trends in additive manufacturing (AM) that plastics industry professionals should be aware of! As the technology, materials and software continue to advance, 3D printing has and will continue to become an increasingly viable option for manufacturing end-use parts. At AMPLAS visitors will see how 3D printing and injection moulding are becoming much more complementary as technologies.

What is AMPLAS?

Polymer 3D printing likely won’t compete with injection moulding for manufacturing very large volumes of plastic parts, but it is already providing an alternative for small to medium volumes. Manufacturers are also starting to think more about just-in-time production and mass customization, so that batch sizes are getting smaller in some cases. There are likely to be more instances in the future where 3D printing makes sense as the production technology.

Why exhibit

Interact face-to-face with all the key 3D technology purchase influencers under one roof and reach high-level decision-makers looking to research and purchase additive manufacturing solutions in plastics. Make sure your products, technologies, solutions, and applications are on full display at AMPLAS and ready for the industry sectors visitors from: Aerospace / Automotive / Defence / Consumer products / Medical

Exhibit at AMPLAS

Why visit

AMPLAS designed for the additive manufacturing community to convene, and for industry-showcasing products, technologies, solutions, and applications. Stay up to date with the constantly changing world of additive manufacturing. See the latest 3D technologies from exhibitors, including 3D printing, 3D scanning, CAD/CAE, and related technologies. Find solutions to your manufacturing challenges, straight from the experts.

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Who exhibits

Design / Product Development companies, Materials suppliers, Additive manufacturing machinery suppliers, Solutions for component processing, Solutions for surface treatment, Quality Management / Metrology suppliers, Digitization / Services / Tool and Die Making, Training and Consulting, Research and Development (R&D) providers

Who visits

Business owners, C-suite executives, Design engineers, Investors and entrepreneurs, Manufacturing engineers and managers, Product design, research & development professionals, Software developers

Call for speakers

The conference hears from industry leaders from government, associations & leading manufacturing technology suppliers, including relevant case studies. If you are interested in speaking and helping companies improve their performance and adding real value to our conference by improving visitor’s knowledge, then fill out the box below and let us know.

We are particularly keen to hear from companies, of any size, who have experience and knowledge from the following areas:

  • Mass customisation
  • Digital inventory
  • In-process monitoring
  • Surface finish
  • Repeatability
  • Dimensional tolerance containment
  • Material innovation
  • Post processing
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